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Our Facilities


Hotel Chez Lando has 82 quaint rooms with individual patios. Whether you stay in one of our bungalow style villas or in the main building with views of the gardens or of the rolling hills of Kigali you will feel at home and surrounded by beauty.

Our pavillion which offer a class of art accomodation gives you a snap on the Rwanda hospitality.
Bungalows especially for travellers and consultants looking for a quite place to work from.  Hotel Chez Lando offers free shuttles to and from the airport for hotel guests.

Every room has a private patio and beautiful views of our expansive gardens. We offer 2 restaurants to choose from, a popular local dance club, a children’s playground and business center with internet connection and printing. Enjoy the serenity and privacy of your quarters, tucked away in a remote area of the Chez Lando gardens, or step into the social life of our popular dining and dance areas.

Luxury rooms

Minibuses and private cars are the established form of transport. Hundreds of Rwandans ride minibuses everyday and they offer convenient transport along major routes. They are privately owned and do not operate on a schedule. Stop at any bus stop and one will likely come by in minutes. The fare is only 250 RWF to any destination in Kigali.

Motorcycles are the second least expensive way to get around. They are used by business people and locals alike and are a thrilling way to see to Kigali.

If you are looking to travel in more comfort then you may ride in a conventional private taxi which can be hailed from virtually anywhere in Kigali. It is also advisable to ask about fares before hand though these normally charge about 7$ per hour.

                               Luxury rooms
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